Cervicogenic dizziness is often reported following a whiplash injury or is associated with neck pain and headaches.

Signs and Symptoms

- Neck pain
- Reduced range of neck movement
- Dizziness
- Imbalance
- Headaches


Conditions affecting the cervical spine - including pain, injury and musculoskeletal dysfunction - can cause the brain to receive inaccurate proprioceptive information that may conflict with input received from the vestibular system and vision. This mismatch can be responsible for the perception of dizziness.


A diagnosis of cervicogenic dizziness may be appropriate when there is a close relationship between neck pain and the symptoms of dizziness.andnbsp;


At Best Balance Physiotherapy we treat cervicogenic dizziness with manual therapy, range-of-motion exercises, postural muscle strengthening exercises, proprioceptive retraining and therapeutic modalities that include heat.

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